About Us

18 years ago, I was looking for an alternative to wearing hats. I started by scouring the charity shops and came across lots of scarves in different materials that didn't seem to do the job. The colours weren't always appealing and made me feel odd.

And then I found the ultimate headwear — a bandana in a ship chandler's shop in Littlehampton. There was only one colour (navy blue), and boy did I welcome it with open arms. Even when it was full of holes and well past its sell-by date, I continued to keep it and found other uses for it. Bandanas were very thin on the ground, but I eventually managed to find four more, those bandanas lasted a good part of 10 years.

I have spent the better part of 10 years not being able to find any more of the right colours and sizes, and this was going to be a task that would lead me to create Bandanas Plus. You now have a choice and so do I.

I wear bandanas for the sheer enjoyment and haven't turned back since. They are funky, fun and can be worn at any age on any occasion.



Bandanas Plus is a Limited Company Registered in England, No: 6814591.